Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Simple wall art idea

I made this canvas for my friend's little boy's room. The theme of the bedroom was 'Things that Go' I guess you could say. The room was decorated so darling and I wanted to make a piece of artwork to go along with it. So, I bought a blank canvas, painted the back ground, painted the airplanes, and used my Cricut machine to cut out the lettering to add. Then I mod-podged the letters to the canvas and covered the letters with Mod Podge as well to seal it. Easy and custom made to match any decor.
Here are some more wall art pieces I did to match the bedding for my daughter's room.
(here's the bedding) Same idea as the previous ones. I cut out scrap booking paper and used paint to add the details, and used mod podge to seal the whole thing. I really love that you can mix and match mediums to put together the whole thing because it gives many more options and is much more forgiving than just paint.

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