Friday, May 27, 2011

Teacher Thank you gift

For the last day of school, I wanted to have a small thank you for Natalie's teacher, because as I've said many times before- she is amazing.
I originally had plans to buy a vase, etch an initial on it, and fill it with flowers. But, Ross stores that I checked, didn't have any good vases. I decided that I'd have to change up the plan a little. I bought this little pitcher- which I have been wanting to get for myself. :) I LOVE IT. It was $2.99. I love using other containers for vases anyway so I actually liked this better than the original idea. I bought a small bouquet of mini carnations at Safeway (for $3.99) and cut them down to fit. I tied a ribbon around the pitcher and made a card to attach to a skewer to place inside the bouquet.
We also made a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies and placed them, still warm, in a white lunch bag and tied it with a ribbon to deliver after school.

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