Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Day

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!
Natalie has THE best teacher(s) this year. We LOVE them. Natalie's teacher's daughter is also a credentialed teacher but there's a shortage of jobs here in the district so she teaches every day with her mom. Natalie is extra lucky because the kids get twice the one-on-one attention. Not to mention that they get to go on TONS of field trips (for example: this week there are 3!!) and the kids all adore their teachers. The principal is amazing, too. He knows every child by name and is so down to earth and friendly.
So, we wanted to really let Natalie's teachers know how much we appreciate them. I found this orinigal idea from my extremely talented cousin, Marisa and my amazing sister also did a similar one here. I decided to make a teacher's version of it for our teachers this year.
(excuse the dark picture above. the lighting was not good)
Here are the magnets that Natalie made for her teachers to include in the boxes as well as a couple for her principal. She wrote each person a really sweet card and illustrated it. :)
The pencils were for her class and each child got to bring one home as well.

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