Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bathroom Soap and Lotion Dispensers

Living in an apartment, space is limited and clutter accumulates quickly.

We've got six people in this apartment and one tiny bathroom. A bathroom that has NO counterspace. The sink has just enough space to put a soap dispenser and that is IT. So, I wanted to keep it as clean looking and simple as possible. I've got a soap dispenser and a bottle of lotion that we keep out. Even though that doesn't sound like much, it looked too busy so I decided to stream line the look with these. I really liked the flat shape of them.

Not much explanation needed: I bought these two dispensers at Dollar Tree, cut the vinyl on my Cricut (using Plantin Schoolbook) and stuck it on. Easy. Easy. Easy.


  1. Very cute. I'd like to get some plain ones for my bathrooms as well. I didn't know the dollar tree had them, guess I'll be checking the next time I go!

  2. I get it! And those look great. Such a good idea.

  3. They may be easy but they totally look like something pottery barn would charge $45 each for!

  4. Love these!

    Hey, found you through Brandy's Crafts, we have ALOT in common! 4 kids, two boys, two girls, crafts, and SURVIVING! LOL!