Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Super Hero Canvas

My friend, Alanna, recently lent me her Super Hero Cricut cartridges "Batman" and "Superman" which were perfect since I've been trying to make a Super Hero-themed bedroom for my boys. And, I hd arecenly picked up this canvas up for free from a neighbor who was moving.
I guess it's a map of the Presidio in San Francisco. Not my favorite piece of art, but with a coat of white paint, it quickly turned into a large, free blank canvas.
First I painted the background on, then I cut out a Superman image with the Cricut and went to Office Max to have it enlarged. They charged $0.36. Nice! I paid more for parking than for the enlargement. Then I took it home, traced it with carbon paper, and painted it on using black acrylic paint.
The colors for the back ground really pulled together some of the other decorations for the room, which was exactly what I was hoping for. I also wanted to keep the silhouette pretty unspecific. I just wanted it to look like a hero, not a specific hero.


  1. This turned out amazing! I re-did some of the features on my link party and wanted to test it to make sure it worked so I linked this up as my first one this week. Hope you don't mind :)

  2. The boys should be telling you that you are the coolest mom ever cause this totally rocks! It's so awesome and thrifty...love it!

  3. Awesome! I seriously love it!