Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Basket Cupcakes

We made these adorable, easy cupcakes for my daughter to bring in to class tomorrow. The original idea is from the Family Fun website. I like that this is a project that kids can help with.

I omitted the ribbon because I liked how they looked just as well without it. I used pipe cleaner for the basket handle. (Usually I don't like to use inedible things on cupcakes but I didn't think that licorice rope would hold the right shape enough and the store I went to didn't have any anyway. So I used what I had on hand. I like the look of the white anyway.

To make these cupcakes you need:

1 cake mix, prepared as directed. Bake into 24 cupcakes.
2 Tubs of frosting (there will be a lot left over but I needed more than one)
Approx. 3. cups of shredded coconut
Green food coloring
Jelly beans
Pipe cleaners (we used 12 and cut them in half for the 24 cupcakes)
Piping bag and Decorating tip #133 (for Grass)

1. Make the cupcakes and let cool.
2. Put a thin layer of frosting across the top.
3. In a metal bowl, combine coconut with a few drops of green food coloring and mix well.
4. Bend the pipe cleaners and insert into the cupcakes- not too close to the edge or they will push outward and break the outer edge of the cupcake.
5. Place a small amount of coconut in the middle of the cupcake and spread out just a bit.
6. Pipe frosting around the edge for the 'edge of the basket'.
7. Add jelly beans and press in slightly so that they stick into the frosting to make them stick.