Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Date Night Kit

Looking for a fun and easy gift for a couple? Here is a really simple idea that we gave a few of our friends and family these this past Christmas-- A Date Night Kit!
What's inside:
Red Vines
Reeses Minature Cups
3 Packages of Microwave popcorn
Peppermint Bark
5 Redbox Rental CodesBucket (also to use to put popcorn in)
I printed up a piece of paper containing 5 Redbox Codes (which you can buy on their website). I put them inside of a folded piece of paper with the instructions glued to the back.
Ghiradelli's Pepperent Bark- We LOVE this stuff. So so good. One friend dislikes mint, however, so we substituted another favorite instead- chocolate covered raisins.
Redbox Codes: I purchased these codes from the Redbox website, but they are only made to print out using only one code per full sheet of paper. In order to fit them all in a small place, I copied and pasted the codes onto one small paper and glued it to the Christmas paper. Then I cut and glued the Redbox instructions to the outside of the envelope. Who doesn't love a good date night? :)


  1. This is so great. I will definitely have to remember those red box codes!

  2. This is my favorite "date night" with my husband. Put the kids to bed, cuddle on the couch with snacks and a movie...perfect for busy parents! I like your blog! Good ideas!


  3. I have never tried RedBox! Thanks you for sharing, I may have have to run to my local Walgreens and try it out. Where do you get code bucket?