Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glass Finds

So, I LOVE thrift stores. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I love the challenging of walking in the door, never knowing what you'll find and looking at something and trying to imagine what it could become.  Not that I'm amazing at it, I just like doing it.

I love Deseret Industries, specifically the one in Sacramento, but since we no longer live close, I make a point to stop by there if we ever happen to be in the area.   On a trip little while ago, I found all of these awesome different shaped glass jars, cups, etc.

I love using them for a variety of different things.  I love using mason jars as drinking glasses, and caraffes and milk bottles for liquids.

I love using anything other than a flower vase to put flowers in.  One of them is great for using for syrup, etc.  

I even found two diffent salt and pepper shakers and put them together for a mismatched set that I love because it is unexpected and it only cost me $1.

What do you use your glass jars/bottles for?

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