Friday, July 15, 2011

Marble Mazes

,Long time, no blogging.
Things are finally slowing down around our house after quite a bit of traveling and sight seeing. Now that we're back home, and my husband is back in school, I was looking forward to spending time at the parks and enjoying the outdoors but the foggy cold weather along with my youngest two children being sick with a stomach flu has put a damper on those plans. While we wait for them to recover (and for some warmer weather-crazy mixed up SF), I've been trying to find things for my older two kids to do since we're stuck here. So, today, we tried Marble Mazes. It's a really cute idea that I found in a Family Fun Magazine. All you need is a shoe box lid (we used the box as well since we needed two), a bunch of straws cut into different sizes, tape, and a marble for each maze. The kids didn't need any assistance putting them together. They just taped the straw pieces down wherever they wanted until they ran out of straws. Then I gave them each a marble and they went to town. My son loves 'racing' the marble through the maze, complete with sound effects. Super easy. And tons of fun.


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